Dr Catherine Duffour, psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Epalinges and Lausanne

Practice shared with Dza-Lan Chautems (psychologist and psychotherapist) and Bernard Jouvel (coach)

Dr Catherine Duffour, psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Epalinges and Lausanne

Practice shared with Dza-Lan Chautems (psychologist and psychotherapist) and Bernard Jouvel (coach)

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Dr Catherine Duffour

Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist - Dr C. Duffour - Lausanne

After studying medicine at UNIL (University of Lausanne) completed in 2002, I served as a junior doctor in neurology neuropsychology and neurorehabilitation  before training in  psychiatry .

For seven and a half years, I held various positions in psychiatric hospitals and outpatient surgeries, treating patients with all kinds of diseases, from  mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, for example), to  schizophrenia and addiction (alcohol, drugs, etc.. ........).

I worked in a centre of medical expertise and did the work of a consultant psychiatrist at CHUV in Lausanne. For three and a half years, I served as assistant head and then chief resident. The end of post-graduate training led to the title of FMH Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy .

Throughout my training as a psychiatrist, I specialised in therapies for couples and family  (in Lausanne, Neuchatel and Geneva), notably obtaining a Diploma of Continuing  Education (DAS) in family therapy  (HUG 2006-2009), Then in  sexology, studying amongst other things for the certificate in "Systemic approaches to sexuality"  Relance relationnelle , 2011). As a  Member of the Swiss Society of Sexology, I am one of the sexologists SSS.  I work according to the systemic psychotherapeutic approach, have the Systemic and Family Therapist Diploma and ASTHEFIS (Swiss Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Interventions), and am a full member of  EFTA (European Family Therapy Association). At the end of 2012, UNIL conferred me with a full medical degree.

Moreover, apart from my activity as an independent psychiatrist, since 2012, I held a position as a clinical consultant to the Medical Officer at CHUV (2012-2015).

Since a few years, the hypnosis is part of my clinical practice (training at IRHYS, Institut in the Romandie for the Swiss Hypnosis, 2015)

Creation in 2017 of CXIO : Foundation for Integrative Medicine. The idea is to allow everyone to get good quality medical information within a recognised NGO of public interest.

Dza-Lan Chautems

After obtaining a degree in 2003 at UniGE (University of Geneva) (certified as equivalent to the current Masters) in clinical psychology and a diploma in psychology in 2007, I undertook response training and training in systemically oriented therapy at Cerfasy (Centre for Family and Systemic Research) in Neuchatel.

My path notably led me to work in the psychiatric outpatient department of Bernese Jura - Bienne-Seeland and in psychotherapeutic consultation for migrants at Appartenances, as well as supporting teenagers and young adults in the Lausanne area in their training and employability project.

After several years of therapeutic experience, I am continuing my training in systemic psychotherapy with a view to obtaining a specialist qualification from the FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists).